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Description of graphic.    Founded by a group of concerned citizens, the Pocono Township Volunteer Fire Co. was established on May 16th 1940 to protect the citizens and businesses from the terrible damage and destruction caused by fire.

    Up until this time, Pocono Township was dependent upon the Stroudsburg Fire Department and Pocono Mountain Volunteer Fire Company its for fire protection.

    George Raish was elected as the Company’s first President.

    Edward Metzger was elected the Company’s first Chief, in which he faithfully served from 1940 until 1963.

    Even though the company was formed in May 1940, it did not receive its first piece of apparatus until September of that year. This was a used 1931 Dodge pumper purchased for $600.00 from a Fire Company in New Jersey. Originally a chemical wagon, the current water tank was added by the fire company members to meet the needs of the area.

    Old number #1, as it is affectionately called today, saw many fires in both Pocono and Jackson Townships.

    The Pocono Township Volunteer Fire Company provided fire protection for Jackson Township until 1952, at which point Jackson Township residents organized the Jackson Township Volunteer Fire Company.

    Old number #1 still serves us well in the various parades and events that it attends throughout the year.

Notable Events

1940 – Purchased a used 1931 Dodge Brothers Pumper, which handled all the company’s fires at the time.

1942 – Purchased used pick-up truck to carry various tools and equipment.

1949 – Construction is completed on a new Fire house on route 611 just south of the garages being used for storage of both trucks at what was the Alpine Inn, now the CVS Pharmacy property. This building today houses a rental property and is used by both the Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts of Pack 85. The building is also used for various functions throughout the year.

1951 – February of ’51 received a 1950 700 series American La France “open cab” pumper which was a very big deal to have in Tannersville in the early 1950’s it was considered the best of the best at the time. It had a 750 gpm pump and a 300 gallon booster tank.

1953 – Purchased an new Chevy chassis to mount a 1000 gallon water tank on, which became our first tanker.

1954 – Purchased a new Ford pumper with a 500 gpm pump and a 500 gallon water tank, replacing the 1931 Dodge pumper.

1959 – Purchased a new Chevy 1-ton utility bodied truck to carry various tools and equipment the growing company needed. It also included a portable pump and generator for lighting. This replaced the 1942 pick-up.

1966 – Purchased a new 1966 Dodge Power Wagon, which was converted into the company’s first brush truck. This truck still serves us today as one of the best brush rigs in all of Monroe County .

1970 – Purchased a new International/Howe tanker which was equipped with a 400 gpm pump and 1250 gallons of water.

1972 – Built a three bay addition off the original building due to the growth the company was going through. This also included a meeting room and a larger kitchen for the Hall located below the truck bays.

1975 – Purchased a GMC step-van to replace the 1959 Chevy 1-ton. The new unit was also equipped with the Jaws of Life rescue system which was purchased shortly after the truck was.

1977 – Added a new Ford/Howe pumper tanker which had a 1000 gpm pump and hauled 1000 gallons of water which was later upgraded to 1500 gallons of water.

1981 – Replaced the 1954 Ford pumper with a new American La France Century Series custom pumper. It has a 1500 gpm pump and carries 1000 gallons of water. This unit was refurbished in 1990.

1989 – Replaced the 1977 Ford pumper with a new Mack/FMC pumper that has a 1250 gpm pump and carries 1000 gallons of water. Also that year we replaced the 1975 GMC with a Hahn/Saulsbury custom rescue truck.

1994 – Replaced the 1970 International with a new Mack/S&S pumper-tanker which has a 1250 gpm pump and carries 2000 gallons of water.

1999 – Replaced the “Can’t kill it” 1951 American La France pumper with a new Pierce Dash 2000 pumper which has a 2000 gpm pump and carries 1000 gallons of water.

2001 – Placed into service a 1997 Ford Crown Victoria , donated by the Pocono Twp. Supervisors.

2003 – Moved into new 9500 sq. ft. 7 bay Fire Station located to the rear of the original station.

2004 – Sold the 1981 American LaFrance pumper to be replaced with an aerial apparatus.

2005– Replaced the 1997 Ford Crown Victoria with a 2001 Chevy Impala, donated by the Pocono Twp. Supervisors.

2006—Entered into a cooperative agreement for a 5/4 ton surplus Chevy Pick Up with the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR). Fitted truck with a new skid mounted pump and tank.

2008—Restored the 1931 Dodge pumper. Pride of the department as being its first piece of apparatus. The truck is used for special events and parades. The truck is dedicated to our membership to recognize their dedication and efforts to bring the company to where it is today.

2008– Refurbished the 1966 Dodge Power Wagon with a new skid mounted pump and tank, new warning lights and paint. This truck still responds to brush and woods fires and can virtually get in where no other trucks can go.

2009– After many years of planning, purchased and placed in-service a new 104’ Seagrave Tower. The tower was the most advanced piece of firefighting equipment the company had ever owned.

2010- Purchased and placed in-service a new 2010 Ford Explorer to be a Fire Chief’s response and command unit.

2011- Purchased a 2006 GMS Savana 18’ box van to serve as a new Fire Police / Traffic unit, replacing the 1999 GMC step van. The truck was outfitted with emergency and scene lighting. A grant outfitted the truck with traffic cones, Traffic signs, barricades and emergency scene support supplies

2013 - Took delivery of a new 2012 Seagrave Resue / Engine. The apparatus was equipped with the latest in Firefighting and Rescue technologies. Such as: Onboard Rescue Hydraulic Tool System, Compressed Air Foam System, Led Scene Lighting and 4500 Watt Light Tower.

2015 - The Auxilliary purchased a UTV for the fire company. The UTV is to be outfitted with a skid unit for use during brush and rescue operations.

2016 - Purchased a 2016 Ford F550 outfitted by Skeeter with a Brush /Attack body. The apparatus is equipped 400 gallons of water, 10 gallons of foam concentrate, a 35HP Darley gasoline pump, front attack monitor, two airpack seats and various tools and appliances for firefighting.

Notable Fire Calls

Since the company formed in 1940 it has seen its fair share of fire calls.

In the spring of 1984, a forest fire burned over 400 acres in the Hipsy gap area of Big Pocono.

The Bartonsville inn, a hotel and restaurant, (now Big Daddy’s in Bartonsville) burned beyond repair with a near loss of life to the residents.

Then there was the main lodge at Camelback Ski area where not only did we battle the fire but also had to deal with the “die hard” skiers skiing over our hoses.

A tractor trailer truck carrying 55 gallon drums of solvent explodes on interstate 80 at the warner road bridge crossing and a fatal accident occurred west of the fire scene involving a truck, car and bus in the backup of traffic. The fire caused the interstate to be closed for 23 hours and resulted in traffic gridlock for the entire Pocono area. 

(June 1999)  The Alpine Inn, once a beautiful landmark and stage coach stop dating back to the 1700's was severly damaged by a fire. The Inn was finally removed is now the current location of the Tannersville CVS Pharmacy.

(Febraury 2000)  The Tannersville Learning Center (aka Pocono Township High School ) burned in the early hours on an extremely cold winter morning in February 2000. The loss of the school was felt by the Elementary School children, long time residents including fire company members who had also attended school there. The school was later replaced by the Swiftwater Elementary School on the Pocono Mountain campus in Swiftwater.

(September 2008)  A truck accident occurred on interstate 80 just west of Tannersville. The truck was carrying amonium nitrate and dynamite. The accident highlighted the vast amounts of hazardous material that move through the area.

(July 2009)  A massive explosion and subsequent fire destroyed a townhome in the Village of Camelback. Injured workers removed from the wreckage were sent to the hospital for treatment.

(November 2009)  Fire destroyed Cyphyers truck parts in Stroudsburg. Pocono Township provided assistance with manpower and apparatus support with Tower 34 & Engine 34.

(April 2010)  An early morning fire destroyed Big Daddys restaurant in Switwater. Pocono Township assisted Pocono Mountain Fire Co. with extingusihment of the fire.